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Welcome to my DA Gallery. Here I have everything organize the best I see fit. Here you can see my newest and more improved artwork and my past very crappy artwork. Here you can come to see Crossovers of different varieties and some old and not much sadly of my OTP. Though there's hardly any work of my otp's several Groups I'm in will inform you.

So okay it's simple: You may critique. I would highly recommend it. But only on new recent pictures, and it'll also help to send me links of any good tutorials in area's I'm bombing in. Welp I hope you guys like what you see and if so comment and tell me what you think.

Love Sapphire Flame~ :heart:
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Regarding some art status!!!
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The bae squad!

Artist that really inspired me to push myself (Check them out sometime ;) )



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10 point for each character
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Don't get me wrong though. We all have things that may seem weird to others, but I don't feel comfortable drawing it. As far as nudes go... I don't know how to draw penis' or decent clits and boobs so it wouldn't look right. Give me a few years and we'll see what happens ;)

For more info go here! --->…

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Upcoming story...? Need help with Title though

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Okay for awhile now I only had one successful fan fic that actually made it from start to finish. Though it was very poorly written and had possible some plot hole (I'm not going back and reading the damn thing. I'm too embarrassed.) Then I tried making a sequel to said crap fic. It too was too bad and never got finished. THEN I scrapped that and made another fan fic. IT TOO WAS PURE SHIT SO THAT WENT TO THE BIN! I really wanted to write another story, but not a fan fic. I wanted to write my own story with my own original characters. So far I have been meeting my expectations for what I wanted. I'm currently drafting the story and am putting the characters bio's. My Tumblr art blog has the sketches for some of the characters that will appear in my work.

The title of my story is mega hard to come up with though.. I scrapped the first title and I'm currently calling it "Eternally Yours" But I'm not fully sure I want to stick with that title. It sounds nice, but I don't think it'll really fit in well with the story plot.

The story follows a young girl named Mari Caster, who is looking for her father that vanished over seven years ago. Along the way she is joined by a cast of delightful characters. On her journey, Mari will be met with dangerous foes, family secrets, and what is really at stake. The only clue she has is an old journal her father left behind and that he was in search for a legendary item that may or may not exist, known as "The Oracle".

I don't want to call my story "The Oracle" or "Journey of blah blah" I want a title that really fits with the story. If someone can come up with a better title that'll be great! I am boned stump on this matter! I don't need help writing it, I already got that covered. I just need a good title.

I really don't want to give up on this one. I love drawing and stuff, but I realized one thing. I always loved since I was little was writing stories. And I really want this to stick ya know. I don't want this being scrapped like all the others. No characters from other shows or anything! Just my own creation from top to bottom. But if someone can help me with a title that'll be great.





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Axels-Grrl Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Your commission is done! :3…
OroKabuSmex Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav ~! My sis and I really appreciate it :3 Oh yeah and I had fun looking through your moving pics above ^^ I LOVE FF series and KH~!

Youre welcome to come watch us if you want and we will watch you too ok? ^^
SapphireSky1992 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad you like my page. I actually first played Final Fantasy through Kingdom Hearts. Though I wish I had done in in reverse. that way I could have yelp for joy when the characters revealed some Easter eggs. From the ones I've played I love the X series the best. How about you?
OroKabuSmex Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hmmm I think it would have to be a tie between 8, 12 and 13 *I just got 13 though and am currently non stop playing @.@* And myself I played KH first and that's how I learned about Final fantasy :3 But now everyone hates me because I call Squall Leon because of KH >.<'

Oh yeah and Sephiroth was gorgeous to me in KH and then I seen the FF version and was :toohappy: 
SapphireSky1992 Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Final Fantasy 13 is very stunning. I'm only 2 chapters away from completing it. I use to call him Leon until I learned his real name, then I began call him Squall. Weird name, but I'm the type that likes to call a character by their real names. Or their name that's what their originally from. X really did it for me. The whole story and the characters captivated me and stole my heart. When I beat the game I was happy, but also sad. The story was too good to end so soon. I watched my sis play the whole X-2 and I've played some, but then the memory card vanished and I lost my file. Which is fine since I never got far and now we have the HD Remastered version.

I was the exact same way, except it was with Auron. I wish I had played X first because when Sora grabbed the Auron statue, I could have screeched with joy with the Easter Egg the added in there. I would have been more excited that they added quote from FFX in there. Auron captivated me in Kingdom Hearts II, but when I saw his actual look in Final Fantasy X, my jaw dropped and I just was wowed! The older gruff look made him look more fierce and just :heart:

I wish they had made a Kingdom Hearts Auron figure. I only have the Sephiroth, but I would have loved if they made an Auron one. At least I have my Final Fantasy X ones. :heart: I know there's rumors that Lightning will be in Kingdom Hearts III and there was even a small picture, but it's unknown if the picture was fake or an actual leak. I love VII but I hope no more characters from there appear in Kingdom Hearts III (unless reoccurring then that's fine and all) but we have early the whole cast! Leave room for the others! I'm just glad Auron was an actual party member. Have you beat Sephiroth yet in King Hearts II? The guy was a pain t beat!
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:iconpyrodanceplz: Happy Birthday~!!! :iconpyrodanceplz:
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