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Welcome to my DA Gallery. I'm currently fixing up my gallery, so sorry it's pretty messy.

Love Sapphire Sky~ :heart:


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Don't get me wrong though. We all have things that may seem weird to others, but I don't feel comfortable drawing it. As far as nudes go... I don't know how to draw penis' or decent clits and boobs so it wouldn't look right. Give me a few years and we'll see what happens ;)

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:star::star: Follow my Pilgrimage in this journey I call life :star::star:
It has been YEEEEARS since I've written a solid fan-fiction (The last one was like two-three years ago, but I scrapped it after like three chapters) I've only written one solid fan-fiction from start to finish, but I deleted it because it was written by fourteen year old weeaboo me, and there was no way in hell I was going to let my sins remain on the web (Of course that ship has sailed ° ͜ʖ ͡°) So I'm going to write a new fan-fiction from start to finish, BUT I'm going to draft the story first, that way whatever mistakes I made on paper I can go and correct once I write the final project. (College really helped me see the importance of drafting :love: )

Anyways, the following below will contain spoilers for the FNaF games, so read at your own risk!

So as the title says, it will be a Five Nights at Freddy's fan-fic based around the events of the missing children. For those of you that don't know the lore of FNaF here's what it's about: The common base lore of the game series is that during the last hours of June 6, five children were lured into the backroom of the pizzeria by a man wearing an animatronic suit, and were brutally murdered and then stuffed into the animatronics. Though someone was arrest, and later realeased, the bodies of the children were never found. Later in the story we see a shadowy figure- known as "Purple Guy"- was the one responsible for killing the children. However, the five children weren't his first victims. Few years prior of the game's story, we find out that Purple Guy killed a small crying child outside the original diner known as "Fredbear Family Diner" (Which was first mentioned in FNaF 2) and then drove off from the scene. Many years after the murders, the ghost of the five children come back and corner a frighten Purple Guy in the supposedly now abandoned restaurant. In a panic, Purple Guy runs into the same suit he used to lure the children in the first place and begins to laugh at the confused spirits. However, because of the rain water leaking into the suit and the moisture in the air, the suits spring-locks fail and crushes Purple Guy in the slowest, most brutal way possible; leaving him to die a gruesome, slow death.

Of course, FNaF has a mega complex story so there's tons of theories whether this was all a dream by the poor bite victim, or this all really happened. But that's for the fans to decided. Quite honestly, I can go both ways, but I believe all the events are real and not a dream at all. Dream scenario's are okay, but in the case of FNaF I'd say no.

My fan-fic will be about Purple Guy and how he met the kids, and the brutal murders that take place in the restaurant. For my story, I got permission from the awesome :iconladyfiszi: to use her Purple Guy, Barney Miles. It was slow drafting at first because I kept changing how I would introduce certain characters, but once I got passed the prologue, I began writing it out faster. Currently I'm writing out chapter two and Purple Guy meets one of five of his victims. I don't know how long my fic will be because I want to establish a relationship between Purple Guy and the five children. I want them to build a close bond with each other, that way when I write out the murder scenes, it'll be pure betrayal and tragic. Speaking of which, several chapters will have to have a mature content warning on it. Some chapters will have for like 13 and up for some language or whatnots, while future chapters will have to be for 18 and up for gore, violence, strong language, etc. The prologue may have to be 18 and up, I'm not sure. I'll upload them the chapters on here and (I may also use AO3 too, but I'll think about it) 

I'm also drawing out the children- which you can see on my art blog on Tumblr. The only child I haven't drawn is Foxy's kid and Bonnie's kid, though you guys have seen Bonnie's kid in my drawing "Look Behind You" The identities I gave the children are:

Nathaniel Williams- Freddy's ghost
Michelle DuBois- Chica's ghost (And Purple Guy's favorite)
Ken Chung- Bonnie's ghost
Samuel Gilios- Foxy's ghost
Marina Inês Câmara- Golden Freddy's ghost (Purple Guy's other favorite; whom he likes to mess with)
Annabelle Thorton- The Puppet's ghost (And first victim at the hands of Purple Guy)

And of course: Barney Miles- :iconladyfiszi: Purple Guy (The man who started all the disasters around the Freddy entertainment business)

My fic has NO relationship with the FNaF novel: The Silver Eyes (Which is a pretty okay book. I'd give it a 7.5) This is all from the basic lore of the game and how I interpret the events went down. I'm thinking about uploading the prologue later today (It's like 4 in the morning where I am right now and I am tired) At least get the story started. I really do want to finish this because all my other fics flopped and never finished (Which was actually a good thing, hahaa) The last full fic I did was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, about ten years ago, those who've followed me way back in the day should remember. I think it was called Anime Clash (Shiz, even the name is cringy!) That one did get finished with a solid fifty some chapters plus a epilogue. But I deleted it all! (I hope) Now no one will see the sins of my past... No one... But uh, anyways, yeah, I'm still writing out the other chapters and also trying to figure out how to introduce the other kids. I have the scenario figured out, now it's just figuring out how I'm going to connect it with the story in a way that isn't sloppy and blah. But like I said, I'm thinking of putting up the prologue later on this evening. When I do start uploading the other chapters, I may submit them on Fridays and/or Saturdays since those are the days I relax and don't have to workout. 

Because I got permission to use someone else's interpretation of Purple Guy, I'm going to put a link to :iconladyfiszi: FNaF fan-fiction, which covers her version of the Missing Children Incident. (Highly recommend this fic! It's very good and always has me at the edge of my seat)  Index for the Missing Children IncidentThis is a Five nights at Freddy's fanfiction, based on Scott Cawthon's games. However, it is not heavily game-based, since the game has very hidden story elements (we don't even know the characters names), so I put the pieces together as I like them, as lore-friendly as I could but I changed many things to make them dramaturgically more interesting. There are also lots of added things like the purple guy's past, phone guy's death, the names of the characters etc.
So if you are not familiar of the games but likes dark story and character drama, you can read it as well :)

I decided to make an index of my fanfic since it will be long, and all the chapters will be separated into multiple parts.

Here it is! It will be updated when a new part comes out.
The Missing Children Incident - index
If you prefer, here is the link: https://www.fanfict

Rant over! Sapphire, over and out! ~:heart:

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